30-PACK Baby Safety Kit with 6 Safety Locks, 12 Corner Guards, 8 Outlet Socket Plug Covers, 4 Door Stoppers (ASIN-B09G934JSK)




  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: When your little ones start taking their first steps, you know it’s time to make your house a safe environment for them Our baby safety products set contains 12 corner guards for sharp edged larger tables, smaller tables, 4 animal door stoppers (to prevent little fingers getting caught) ,6 cabinet locks for shelves, drawers etc & 8 Baby Proofing Electric Protector Caps safety sockets (EU plug covers, not UK).
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST: With these smart safety locks, you can effectively protect your child from accessing some unwanted household items. just double lock system allows adults easy access and makes it very difficult for toddlers. BELGREE Premium outlet plug covers are here to offer you that much-needed peace of mind and make sure that your little explorer cannot reach into your home’s electric sockets
  • CUSTOMIZED HIGH-POWER ADHESIVE: Based on most of the feedback we received, we offer a custom 1mm high power adhesive on each side of the guard, covering the interior as a whole, to prevent the guard from being teared off by the child. And it can remove the residual trace without damaging the furniture. we also have adhesive strong industrial grade 3M tape on both sides of baby safety locks, you can install and remove them within seconds.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN AND 1 MINUTE INSTALLATION: Our protector Package are designed by BELGREE expert to protect your baby from being hurt by the corners of coffee table, desk, TV cabinets and other sharp corners in the house. We added complete safety products to keep your child and home safe from unexpected incidents. Our 30-pack baby protection kit meets your exact needs for your child protection.
  • TRANSPARENT AND SOFT: Our totally transparent protector is like a part of the furniture to keep the original look of the furniture. The improved PVC material is more flexible and provides soft bumps at the corners to reduce the likelihood of injury
  • REUSEABLE CHILD-RESISTANT DESIGN OF PLUG SOCKET COVER: long foot and shorter foot of socket cover can snap in place firmly; toddlers couldn’t remove these socket protectors.
  • DURABLE & NON-TOXIC MATERIAL: Our safety latches are made from the non-toxic ABS and TPE material which is more flexibility and durability, offering your little baby a safe home without any chemical material.



Product description


Why we love what we do? We strive for providing high-quality goods for our customers. Nowadays, BELGREE has been acclaimed for premium products and this is an honour for us and the motivation to keep working hard.

BELGREE Child Safety Locks, Cupboard Locks, Baby Proofing Kit

Keep your inquisitive toddlers safe from most of the dangers you can find at home.


1.Kitchen (Cabinets, Drawers, Refrigerator, Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Trash Can) 2.Laundry Room (Washer, Dryer, Laundry Hampers) 3.Bathroom (Cabinets, Shower Doors, Toilet Seat) 4.Bedroom (Drawers, Closets, Desks) And Many Others!


1. Quick Installation, No Tools Required 2. Do Not Contain Heavy Metals 3. Furniture to Maintain the Original Appearance 4. Strong Enough to Stay On 5. Can Be Easily Removed and Won’t Leave a Mark (Heat it with Hair Dryer)


1. Clean Surface. 2. Remove Backing and Position the Corner on Furniture. 3. Smooth Out Any Air Bubbles. 4. Press and Hold Each Side Firmly For At Least 60 Seconds. Wait At Least 24 Hours for Full Adhesion


If You Have Young Babies, Toddlers, Or Pre-schoolers, Buy These Baby Safety Locks. Keeps Little Hands Out of The Toilet, Cabinets, Drawers, Refrigerator, Fridges, And More. Keep Little Pets from Out of The Trash.

✔ MATERIAL: High-quality, Non-toxic Plastic

✔ PACKAGE INCLUDED: (30-PACK) 6 Baby Safety Locks 12 Corner Guards 8 Outlet Socket Plug Covers 4 Door Stoppers


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